Join hundred of families who have embraced the virtual travel program that will change your family nights or homeschool routines!

How Travel the world from home works

Travel the World from Home is a new and exciting program for Homeschoolers and families alike! The 12-week program teaches kids Social Studies, Music, Art, Reading and Geography all within the same unit. Plus it is so much fun, they will be begging to do it. 

Here are the basics:

  • You will receive 2 countries a month to “travel.” Each country is filled with 10-20 hours of fun and learning.
  • The country is delivered to your inbox and has easy directions with minimal preparation involved.
  • Each country will cover art, music, social studies, and geography.

 Here is what is included in Travel the World from Home:

chiang mai, thailand, temple
Facts about each country

Your child will learn facts about each country they visit through youTube videos, bulleted lists and more.

Recipes from each country

Each country also includes a recipes with step by step instructions. They have been chosen to give kids plenty to help with.

film, filmstrip, you

YouTube videos with more information about the country

Each country will have a number of links to virtual tours, language tutorials, songs and more. YouTube is at its best when it is teaching something.

Activity Bundle

This bundle includes coloring sheets, crosswords, word searches, paper dolls, seek and find, and much more. 5 sheets per country. This bundle is offered for $25 and is great for homeschoolers.

Curated books

A list of books that can be used to help with reading and give a richer understanding of each new culture.

Games or activities from around the world

Games that are specific to the country that you are studying. Its a great way to drill down on facts while having fun. Some examples are learning a Maori dance, playing pin the features on the face in Japan, and more.

Arts and Crafts

Each country will include an art or craft that goes along with the country. Most crafts will use common crafting supplies!
Crafts are suitable for kids ages 4-18.

admission, coupon, admit

Movies from around the world

Just like books, movies are a great way to take a deep dive into a subject matter in a way your kids will retain! Family friendly movies are chosen that will highlight a culture or aspect of a country.

We just started homeschooling this year because of the pandemic. We were overwhelmed until we found Travel the World from Home. Now we just supplement science and Math and we have a complete course of study! Plus the kids love it!
Sarah T.
Greece was my favorite!
age 8
We love the idea of teaching our kids about other cultures. This is a fabulous way to have fun and teach the kids that people are alike. It's so important these days.
Brian M
Dad to 4 kids

Do You HOmeschool?

Do You Homeschool?


Find out how Travel the World from Home can make homeschooling easier and lots more fun! This program was developed by a teacher with over 20 years under her belt. Don’t reinvent homeschooling, take advantage of a ready made program that is far less expensive than most.

Plus hear what Veteran Homeschoolers think of the program.

Looking for something fun to do with your family?

Visit the the world

2020 has been a tough year! Why not make 2021 fun by exploring the world with your family. Give them something fun to look forward to!

Travel the World from Home has been the most fun we have had in weeks! The kids look forward to it and so do I!
Lisa P.
Stay at home mom


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